Chef Giuseppe PRESSANI ''Pino''


Giuseppe Pressani
Executive Chef and consultant to the grand openings of Paper Moon FOOD INTERNATIONAL SA

Born on December 3, 1967, in Naples, Italy.

After three generations of being restaurateurs in Naples, Pressani's father decided it was the right time to move his family to Milan in 1980, where in 1984 he opened his first restaurant.

Pressani attended school during the day, and his father asked him to help in the restaurant during the evening. Pressani was very enthusiastic about working in the kitchen side by side with his father and his siblings.

The family venue became an immediate success and in a few years Pressani became a well-known pizza and kitchen chef in Milan. In 1989 the famous restaurant Paper Moon in Milan invited him to join them for the opening of Paper Moon in New York as Executive Pizza Chef.

Despite his young age, he stood out for his enthusiasm, passion and love for the restaurant business.

In 1992, while still with Paper Moon Group, he opened La Ranarita in Tokyo, Japan, and served as Executive Chef for six months.

In 1996, Pressani became Executive Chef of Paper Moon in Istanbul. He was forced to return to Milan in 2000 for family reasons and became partner of Qui Si Mangia with his younger brother.

During this time Pressani got married and they were blessed with the birth of two beautiful baby girls.

In 2002, he worked as assistant project manager of Paper Moon in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In 2004, he collaborated on the opening of Paper Moon in Moscow, Russia.

In 2005, Pressani returned to Istanbul where he is still working as Executive Chef for Paper Moon in Akmerkez.

He decided to return to Istanbul because "the city is magical and it really grows on you. Turkish people are also very hospitable and they remind me of Italian people back in Naples when I was growing up. I feel like I'm part of the family."

Dear GUEST .....
We have greatly enjoyed cooking and presenting fabulous tastes
for you for years. As we do every year, we have created the
menu with delicious flavors which we believe will give you
immense pleasure.
We will be very happy to be at your service and to provide you
with a tasty and delightful
Paper Moon time

Buon appetito
Chef Giuseppe PRESSANI ''Pino''